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Apply Process

  • First step

    Talent registration

    Please make sure the message is true and effective, insert photos

  • Second steps

    Fill in the application form

    Please make sure the information is true and effective

  • Third steps

    Uploading attachments

    Candidates can upload resumes, certificates

  • Fourth steps

    Internal audit

    Human resources department first trial, determine the interview object

  • Eighth steps

    Entering the post

    Take relevant information for entry (such as certificates, photos, resumes, etc.)

  • Seventh steps

    Result notification

    After successful interview, will receive the notice of employment and specify the date report

  • Sixth steps


    After the first test, the personnel department re examination

  • Fifth steps

    Preliminary test

    Interview according to the appointed date and place after receiving the interview

  • Ninth steps

    Trial assessment

    The probation period varies from position to position, the minimum one month is 3 months, and the probation period is qualified

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