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Dear staff:

Thank you for joining the Heng Heng company

Every achievement Kaiheng past, depends on the efforts of all staff Kaiheng Kaiheng: every bit of progress tomorrow also with your sincere pay close.

Dedication, well done for public employees is a valuable resource for the company's talent, respect people, to create a harmonious, passionate work space for talents, is the direction we have been working to create the eternal power of the company, leading the development of the industry, the pursuit of quality and efficiency of the continued growth of our work target!

I hope you will always cherish the ideal and passion in Kai Heng company, every day is determined to forge ahead, continue to exceed every day of their own, are full of hope every day, every day is a fruitful day!

I hope you will realize your value of life in Kai Heng company, and grow happily together with Kay heng!

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Looking for

Because of the development of the company, we are looking for the following personnel:

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