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1.Employees may enjoy the statutory holidays stipulated by the state and pay their salaries as usual. The main holidays: New Year's day, Spring Festival 1 days 3 days, 1 days, Tomb-sweeping Day “ 5 ” International Labor Day 1 day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival 1 days, 1 days on October 1 “ ” National Day 3 days. The company may arrange holidays for mobility or arrange holidays according to the company's business.
2.The company provides free accommodation, water and electricity fee free. The company has canteens, and daily allowance for some meals (direct subsidies to the canteen).
3.The company has basketball court, badminton court, table tennis room, multi-functional hall, to provide leisure and entertainment for employees.
4.Every day, such as national day and so on, the company will organize the evening party and other activities according to the situation.
5.After the employee has been approved and approved by the company, according to the relevant provisions of the state, combined with the personal circumstances of the employees, the company can deduct the premiums of the company.
6.After the trial period, the staff of the immediate family (parents, brothers, sisters, spouse, children, parents, parents) died, the company will give full pay three days leave (show the death certificate of relatives within 3 days after the resumption of work).
7.Working in a company for one year, in accordance with state regulations, employees can enjoy three days of marriage (married to provide a marriage certificate within 3 days after work).
8.Free accommodation is required for spouses who are in charge of the class (including the supervisor) to visit relatives in the company (to show marriage certificate). Other non company staff, who have been approved by the administrative department in the company, charge 15 yuan per day for water and electricity, gas loss and so on.
9.Because of the work needs of telephone contact staff, the company gives reimbursement calls, specific according to the amount of business, job level approved telephone bill standard.
10.Company employees out of duty, reimbursement of fares and meals subsidies, specifically according to different geographical settings.
11.Every year, according to the company's operating conditions, the annual bonus is calculated, according to the performance of the year, personal performance, working years and other factors approved.

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