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About Us --> Introduction of Guangzhou Kaiheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou KaiHeng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. 

Founded in Nov.2006, It¡¯s a high-tech subsidiary company of the group company that in order to meet the high-ranking requirement, design, development, produce and sales of assembly and connection for the electronic of new type pyrocondensation compound products and special purpose equipment of electrician machine for use between war industry and civilian industry. It¡¯s situated inside the KaiHeng science and technology garden, its register fund is 3.08 million, 3,000 square meters for its workshop area, and more than 100 employees.

Its main products are pyrocondensation compound products like thimble, pressure welder electron device, solder ring etc, products are apply to advanced military aircraft and high ranking civilian use for wire and cable connection on the purpose of reduce weight, electron screen, small size, and sealed, with the function of airproof, waterproof, isolation, stress release for the wire and cable. At present, this products rely on imported from overseas entirely, no other company produce the similar products in domestic, so that the market future is great.  

Thimble is one kind of pyrocondensation product with various special shape, it mainly apply to the joint among the cable end, the hatch of cable and branch off of cable, it can be offer a very good protect for stress remove, pressurize, and engine, after shrinking, it can be meet the different shape requirement for forming, and specious. At present, KaiHeng Electronics Technology is only one company that produce this kinds of products, its products with nicer temperature characteristic, erosion resistance, dampproof, insulated, low smoke, and magnificent in appearance, the products are filling needs in domestic, and achieved the international level.

Pressure welding electron device is one of newly electron device are formed with the copper press terminates of tinning or nickelage/tie-in and pyrocondensation thimble. Compare with the traditional device, with the function for quality visible, waterproof, pressurize, and stress remove. The products apply to the advanced aircraft for branch connection for purpose of reduce weight, small size and hermetic, with effect for immense result, its range for application getting more expanding. These products are reviewed favourably by GuiHang Company etc.

Pyrocondensation solder ring is mainly formed by the isolation thimble and one kind or several kinds preformed soldering tin. This product is one kind of pyrocondensation compound product which rapidly demand by war industry, tin seal is one kind of joint connection with the characteristic of high efficiency and automatically, with one time heat up can meet the liable connection and screen protection£¬especially suit for earthing terminal deal on the equipment system of modern weaponry. solder ring is now applied in weaponry extensivly, the market prospects are enormous. Solder ring products of our company has been used in the main type plane of ChengDu Aircraft Industrial (Group ) Co., Ltd.

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