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About Us --> Introduction of R & D Centre
KaiHeng R&D Center Founded during the beginning of forming of Group Company, after for a few years development, KaiHeng R&D center have became a considerable scale and definite influence company which in same trade. Further, in order to develop to the pluralism, and a large scale with group company, by 2003, our company spent more than ten million Yuan to build for an eightfold R& D building with a unique sight rooftop garden. Now, our office area has more than 5,000 square meters, with various high-tech researching equipment, and one expert team with high efficiency productive people. Up to the present, there are more than 35 R& D peoples, among them, there are 4 peoples of professor of engineering, 7 peoples of doctor or master¡¯s degree, and 12 peoples of undergraduate students. In order to lead the advance, we recruit the CAS professor to provide technical consultancy, and keep a long term relationship with many overseas famous company and its experts, and indraughts its advanced technique, the experience of R&D and management. At present, KaiHeng R&D center possesses with outstanding result for macromolecule material contracting with heat, oil resisting elastomer, translucent fire-proofing materials, high temperature cross-linked materials and special type electrical wire, with a great contribution for R&D for special type of products. Under development of enterprise, we keep a closely cooperate with CAS and Guangzhou Chemistry Division, we were charged with one tackle key problem item of Guangzhou science and technology, and applied for 2 items of national patent. Our company had passed as a high-tech enterprise by Guangzhou Science and Technology bureau. We imported the international advanced pyrocondensation pipe production lines and its production technical which are from Netherlands and Korea, and 4 production lines with international advanced electron accelerator for irradiation cross-linked pyrocondensation pipe use which from are Russia, we therefore own our production R&D center and testing center. All products are listed by UL and CSA and TUV ISO 9001£º2000, and the products send to SGS etc., for environment testing at least once a year. We can produce 105¡æ£­200¡æ pyrocondensation pipe, cross-linked pipe, PVC pipe, reusable pyrocondensation pipe, label pipe, all rubber hose, fire-retardant pipe, oil resisting pipe, high-temperature pipe, etc. The main technique of products have achieved to international advanced level.

Our aim that to devoloping to depth and broad of the direction for our products for macromolecule pyrocondensation materials and irradiation cross-linked polyolepine materials. Depth is to solve the problem of import for high-tech products to be controlled by overseas, to breakout the important technical in domestic, we have what others have not; broad is forming the production chain of series and compound, to develop with produce and sales in scale operation, to reach every aspect of a matter, ours are newer than the similar items of others, to fulfilling the network sales, brand effect and occupy the market. To targets the mid- and high-ranking markets of products like functionality special type memory material, UL environmental products, Halogen-free cable, special type wire and cable, high-ranking special type PVC tube and special type PVC insulation material, etc.

In the future, R&D center will follow the whole development plan of Group Company, to meet the requirement of market and the requirement of customers, transfer of scientific and technological achievements into productive forces, to offer a sustained energy for company development.

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