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1) customer service hotline:+8602032079028
2) Customer service specialist:Tammy Tam
3) Suggestion feedback method: A:Online feedback (online customer service) B:E-mail C:Telephone mode D:BBSforum
4)Defective goods return and replacement process (registered customer)
6) Return goods/Exchange goods/Application date of replenishment request form: year month day
  • Corporate name

  • Company address

  • Contact number

  • Contacts

  • Applicant

  • Product name

  • Model specification

  • Color

  • Order number

  • the date of issuance

  • Number

  • Way out

    Return goods( Exchange goods( replenishment( Return after rework( Number:meter(pcs)
  • Reasons for refund / replacement / replenishment

  • Sales manager's advice (signature)

  • Customer service department opinion (signature)

  • Validation of defective products (QC)

  • Warehouse receipt (signature)

  • Warehouse receipt / date (signature)

  • Verification of implementation (signature)

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